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Published on 23 June 2017

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ASOS 退貨網址 / ASOS Return Website:上年9月在香港開設退貨站,但應該很多人不知道,所以這次我專門拍了這個影片,希望可以幫到想退ASOS的朋友,記得要訂閱我的Channel 哦~~Today I'm going to share "How to return ASOS in HK" with you. Hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE~~~這個影片不是贊助的,我是用自己的錢! This video is not sponsored. I am using my own money. 💗Blog: ❤️Youtube: 💙Facebook: 💜Instagram: 💚WeChat: BowieKou710#澳門youtuber #澳門blogger #bowiekou

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